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You shut off the water while brushing your teeth. You hit the office light switches off at the end of the day. But when it comes to electronic waste (e-waste), do you know how to reduce waste and safeguard human health and our natural environment?

Here are 3 great ideas on how to reuse your old android phone.

ic_launcherHome security alarm

Here’s the first idea: Why not re-use your old android smartphone as an alarm system for your home? Fix your old phone on the door and let it guard it for you. As soon as you open the door it asks you to enter the password. If the password is wrong or the count down is finished it will call you on your mobile phone.

Category: Widget

Lock: Arms the alarm and enables the motion detector. This will allow you to receive a phone call to a number of your choice as soon as the door is opened by a non authorized person.

Unlock: Deactivates the motion detector.

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bike-anti-thef-pro_48Bike anti-theft pro

The idea behind this widget is simple: Why not re-use your old android smartphone as anti-theft device? This way you protect out planet and your bike.  You can hide your smartphone safely under your saddle and let it guard your bike for you. If somehow the thief escapes with your bike, it allows you to retrieve the position of your bike in case of theft. This widget is designed to be used together with Bike anti-theft remote. It should be installed on a dedicated smartphone that you leave most of the time on your bike. Therefore the ring volume is automatically set to silent while the widget is used for extra protection. It will be set to it’s normal level when you remove the last instance of the widget from the desktop of your phone.

Category: Widget

Lock: when locking your bike remember to lock also Bike anti-theft pro. This will allow you to receive a phone call to a number of your choice as soon as your bike is moved.

Unlock: when unlocking Bike anti-theft pro the motion detector is deactivated.

Send GPS position: Send GPS position when requested by Bike anti-theft remote.

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Bike anti-theft remote

Bike anti-theft remote is a remote control for Bike anti-theft pro. And there’s more… It finds your bike in case the thief manages to escape with it (and your old smartphone ;-)).

Category: App


Lock: locks Bike anti-theft pro remotely so that nobody will discover your secret anti-theft device.

Unlock: unlocks Bike anti-theft pro remotely.

Request GPS position: requests the GPS position to Bike anti-theft pro.

Receive GPS position: stores the GPS coordinates of your bike in the SMS inbox.

View map: Displays on Google maps the position of your bike.

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