Bike anti-theft remote

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With your Bike anti-theft pro widget installed you receive a phone call when your bike is moved without your permission. But what if somebody sees you while you hide your phone under the saddle? What if the thief somehow manages to escape with your bike?

Here is an idea…

Why not use Bike anti-theft remote application to control remotely your Bike anti-theft pro widget?

How it works

The first time you install Bike anti-theft remote application on your smartphone it asks you to enter the phone number of the smartphone where Bike anti-theft pro widget is installed. You can modify this information later in the configuration screen.

Clicking on the Lock button you can send a lock command to Bike anti-theft pro widget remotely. As simple as closing your car with a car remote. From this moment on, the motion detector is activated on your bike. 

When in lock mode you can unlock Bike anti-theft pro widget remotely with just a click on the Unlock button. It will disable the motion detector on the bike and you’re ready to go.

If your bike has been stolen you can remotely request to track it’s location with a simple click on the GPS button. The location is retrieved from the satellite and sent back to you. You can view where your bike is on the map (clicking on map button) if your internet connection is active. A copy of the GPS coordinates is stored in your SMS inbox. Please note that the GPS should be active on the phone placed on your bike to be able to retrieve the location. Asking for the GPS position will cost you the price of 2 text messages but hey, at least you know where your bike is!


Lock: locks Bike anti-theft pro remotely so that nobody will discover your secret anti-theft device.

Unlock: unlocks Bike anti-theft pro remotely.

Request GPS position: requests the GPS position to Bike anti-theft pro.

Receive GPS position: stores the GPS coordinates of your bike in the SMS inbox.

View map: Displays on Google maps the position of your bike.

Software & hardware requirements

  • Android 1.6 or above
  • Data connection (optional)


  • Make sure your GPS antena of the phone placed on the bike works properly.
  • Have your bike engraved, it will greatly assists in getting the it back if stolen. Local police stations offer usually a free bike engraving service.

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