Home security alarm

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Alarm systems for the home can be complicated and expensive… or maybe not!

Here’s an idea… 

Why not re-use your old android smartphone as alarm system device?

How it works

widget_anatomy-lockedThe first time you install Home security alarm widget on your old smartphone it asks you to enter a password and a phone number to alert in case of burglary. You may enter more than one phone numbers in the configuration screen.

You fix the phone behind your main door and arm the alarm with a simple click on the widget before you leave your home. After you click on the widget you have 30 seconds to close the door.  You can increase this delay in the configuration screen. From this moment on the motion sensor is activated.

As soon as the door is opened it asks you to enter the password. The count down starts: you have 10 seconds to enter the correct password. You can increase this delay in the configuration screen. If you enter a wrong password or if the time is up Home security alarm will call all the phone numbers in the widget’s phone book one by one.


Lock: Arms the alarm and enables the motion detector. This will allow you to receive a phone call to all the numbers of your choice as soon as the door is opened by a non authorized person.

Unlock: Deactivates the motion detector.


How to install

  • Download Home security alarm widget from Google play
  • From your home screen click on the menu button.
  • Select Personalize -> Widget
  • Select Home security alarm from the list
  • Click on the Configuration button on the top-right of your widget to enter the mobile phone(s) to alert in case of burglary and create a password.

Due to a bug in android 4.0 devices, if you don’t find the widget on the list, restart the phone.

Software & hardware requirements

  • Android 1.6 or above
  • GPS

Turn your phone into an anti-burglary device

This widget is designed to be installed on a dedicated device and not on a device you use in your everyday life to make phone calls, send text etc. Here are some suggestions on how to prepare your anti-burglary device:

  • The screen timeout should be disabled when the widget is in lock mode to be able to detect movement. This is done automatically when you click on the config button.  To save battery life the brightness is set to its lower level and the automatic brightness is disabled.
  • The ringtone mode should be set to silent at all times. This is done automatically when you click on the config button. This will improve security and protect your phone from potential thieves.
  • We suggest you uninstall all apps and widgets. This way you’ll extend battery life, plus, you don’t need them any more.
  • Turn off screen animations, live wallpapers, and other eye candy features
  • Switch-Off Auto Sync Option of Gmail, Google Calendar, Facebook, Twitter etc…
  • Switch off WI-FI, Bluetooth and 4G. Only the GPS should be on but don’t worry, it will only consumes battery when you ask for the GPS position with your Bike anti-theft remote.
  • Remove vibration

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